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Meet Jeff

Meet Jeff

At age 42 I had achieved a lifetime’s worth of accomplishments… I had worked my way up the corporate ladder for 20 years. I was making well into 6 figures a year, with a 6,000 sq ft house, a $100,000 BMW, A Rolex Watch, a Beautiful Wife with 3 great kids and my own Theater Room where I watched my Beloved Ohio State Buckeyes play football. That stuff all came with a cost of 70 hour work weeks for the last 20 years.

I was so busy trying to grow my career and provide for the family that over time it become less about God and family and more about me. My performance, my reputation, my future. My family and relationship with the lord were relegated to backup status in my life. Oh, I was still a tither, went to church and prayed daily, but I was on Christian  auto-pilot mode, just going through the motions.

God changed all that in one afternoon, apparently he didn’t much care for the Idols of Self, Mammon and Pride that I had allowed to take over my life. After 20 years, 10 leadership awards, 7 promotions by 6 different business leaders, I was out of a job and a 20 year career. Just like that God Allowed it to happen.

This Blog is my Journey back. I realized after much soul searching and repenting that Success as defined by our society and culture is not enough, heck it isn’t even Godly. You can reach the Pinnacle of Success or whatever mountain your trying to climb but without a close personal relationship with God you will still be left with an emptiness that only he can fill, leaving you asking the question…”Is this all there is???”

My blog is created to Encourage, Motivate and Mentor Christians around the world by sharing stories and real world examples of success and failures that I have endured during the last 20 years. I hope you will be blessed by reading my Blog.