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What I do

What I do

My true passion lies in helping to Mentor, Coach and Motivate. Life can beat you down and beat you up! I have been there, its even more difficult when you are a Christian trying to live your life with a Biblical Worldview in a society that grows further away from God and his principles more and more every day.

The truth of it is, everyone (I mean everyone) needs a Mentor, Godly counsel/advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone to punch them in the face when it’s needed, and most importantly support, encouragement and prayer.

That is where I come in, I am here to help. Unlike 100% of the other Motivational Speakers/Mentors/Consultants who try to charge you for their time (nothing wrong with that BTW Everyone has to make a living) I do this work as Pro-Bono with individuals. It is my Ministry and I do not believe God wants me charging for my Ministry when I work with individuals and mentor.

I will sell my books, sales training courses and other reference items on my website and at conferences and events only to help continue to fund Destiny Seekers International- a 40 year old ministry that offers no fee/charge Christian Counseling Services to folks who cannot afford it. We work with children overcoming sexual abuse, parents who had a child commit suicide, late stage cancer victims, couples on the brink of divorce, men addicted to pornography, gambling addiction, etc. We do not turn anyone away whether they can pay or not. There are a lot of hurting people out there and this ministry is vital and doing a great work in helping these poor folks recover and be led back to the lord. Many people have been saved, healed and delievered through this ministry.

The truth is God has blessed me mightily and this is my way of giving back. People call me crazy for giving away my time, but they don’t understand “In God’s world, you’re not really living unless your giving”. I love it, it is what I was put on this earth to do! My goal is to leave people better than when I found them!


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God Bless